• November 10, 2010
  • Culprit Cluedo!

  • Join in the fun by playing Culprit Cluedo to win some very cool prizes!

    Hello and welcome to Culprit Cluedo, a new competition to celebrate the release of my second album ‘Theme 2′ on 22nd Nov.

    Start playing now to be in with a chance of bagging yourself an exclusive, personalised signed copy of the album, 2 tickets for a Culprit 1 gig of your choice, a copy of Culp’s first album ‘Running In Order’ plus immortalisation* by being announced as the winner in a video message (which may or may not self-destruct) on Exceptional and Culprit 1 web pages.

    Scattered across the Culprit 1 and Exceptional Records-related web pages are 10 x unique Culprit Cards. It’s your job to input four cloudy , don your monocle, fake mustache and silly hat and go in search of them. Some will be easy to find, some may be a little more tricky, but don’t worry we’ll provide clues along the way on the Culprit 1 facebook wall. The competition runs until one of you collects all 10 cards and email them to us at jake@exceptionalrecords.co.uk using the subject line “I’ve only gone and won Culprit Cluedo!”) – the first to send all the cards in wins the lot. Anyone who collects 5 cards or more can email them in to claim their a free track download from the album.

    Feel free to share/trade/swap cards with other followers on the Culprit 1 Facebook wall, but be aware the more you give away the more likely someone else will win!

    Here is a list of the cards, they’re numbered 1 to 10 so you can keep track of how you’re doing :
    Example: Theme 2 Album
    Culprits: 01.Culprit 1 / 02.Polar Bear / 03.Smiler / 04.Iko
    Weapons: 05.SM58 / 06.Keyboard / 07.Macbook / 08.Violin
    Crime Scenes: 09.Cardiff / 10.Exceptional HQ

    By entering the competition you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

    Here is card No.09 (Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff where I’ve played a few gigs in my time) to kick off your collection, this one is absolutely exclusive to culprit1.com, so well done, you’re already one up on everyone else! I can also reveal that the most secret and most important of all cards is also hidden on this very website. Clue: Find this text link and ‘You Found Culprit.’ Hmmm.

    Right, that’s it. Ready, steady… go!

    Larger image

    *Please note: effects may not last.