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  • Tricks

  • Exceptional Records 2007
    1. Tricks
    2. Tricks (Paul Hartnoll Mix)
    3. Tricks (The Rogue Element Mix)

    The release of this record was an incredible moment for me, as it included a mix by one of my personal heroes; Paul Hartnoll of the legendary Orbital. I’ve been influenced by Paul’s music since my teens and when the remix came back on CDR I still couldn’t quite believe it when I played it for the first time. All the classic musical elements of Orbital that had made such an impact on my own production style were present and correct – it was an incredible experience. Following this release, I also had the chance to remix Paul’s record ‘Please’ (featuring Robert Smith of The Cure). You can find out more about it in the remix section.

    I also remember that The Rogue Element’s mix was in the Beatport chart for quite a while and became a huge tune on the Breaks circuit. It got a few spins in Fabric too – neis.