• Running in Order
  • Running in Order

  • Exceptional Records 2007
  • “A dazzling array of influences packed in to every minute” DJ Magazine
    “A symphonic masterwork…a defining moment in electronica” Drowned in Sound
    “Masterful…an engaging listening experience” Beatportal

    I was interviewed by the BBC Music website just before ‘Running in Order’ was released and I remember the first question being: “Why has it taken so long for your debut album to come out?” It took me by surprise, as it didn’t seem like a long time to me. I suddenly realised that my debut album was being released four years after my first single, even though I had released a lot of records during that period. This ridiculous timescale, I explained to the Beeb, was due to “a fascinating series of disappointments, disasters and delays. I won’t list them all, but they range from the mildly comical to the absolutely ludicrous.” Good content for a book one day maybe.

    I’m proud of my first album and it’s pretty amazing to think that something I created in a series of bedrooms in Cardiff studentville ended up being played all over the world. I was particularly grateful for a recent Japanese royalty cheque, at a grand total of £1.98.