• Aqoon Guud
  • Aqoon Guud

  • My Kung Fu (2004)
    1. Parting Shot
    2. Manical
    3. Adapt
    4. Frozen Format

    I was very proud of this release when it came out, mostly due to the beautiful digipack that My Kung Fu had got manufactured at the pressing plant. It was my second release and I remember thinking I had something to prove after ‘What I Use’ had garnered quite a lot of magazine hype and radio play. Listening to ‘Parting Shot’ now, it seems pretty chaotic structurally and jumps all over the place. It’s pretty representative of my style at the time, which can only be described as hyperactive. I recall thinking that it sounded far weirder than ‘What I Use’ and wouldn’t be as popular with the media, but it ended up being played again and again on the radio. People kept calling in to Zane Lowe’s show and requesting it for quite a few weeks. I was totally bemused by this, as it’s probably the oddest and least commercial-sounding record I’ve ever released. It also reminds me of playing at SXSW in Texas, as it came out the week I was there.

    Many people have asked where the title came from. Quite simply, it’s the Somali term for general knowledge. I was working with the Somali community in Cardiff at the time and noticed an article in a newsletter entitled ‘Aqoon Guud’. I thought it looked cool, asked my mate for a translation and decided to use it. It was pronounced about twenty different ways on the radio, but according to native speakers it’s something akin to ‘ah-koon gooed’.